Rochelle Murphy

Rochelle Murphy

Office Manager


Born and raised in Portland, Rochelle spent 12 years working in non-profit organisations in England, including founding and running a non-profit arts charity, before returning to Portland in late-2016.  She holds a BA in Anthropology from Portland State University, an MA in Archaeology from University of Liverpool, and did PhD research in Roman Archaeology through a joint programme with University of Reading and the Museum of London Archaeology Service.  Outside CFC, Rochelle was a ZooGuide and chair of the Environmental Conservation Outreach team at the Oregon Zoo from 2016-2018. She currently volunteers with the Mazama’s youth outreach programme and is a Friends of the Columbia River Gorge trail ambassador.  In her spare time she participates in research focusing on Environmental Archaeology, and enjoys rock climbing, hiking, trail running, playing pool, and strumming her guitar.